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slow motion camera | high speed video capture

Factories throughout the world are using high speed cameras to continuously monitor and trouble-shoot many different kinds of industrial applications and environments. The cameras help to identify and isolate issues in production, helping the engineer or technical to quickly identify and eliminate problems, which in turn greatly reduces line down times.

High Speed Video Explained

Standard Video Speed Compared to High Speed Video

In today’s fast paced manufacturing environment, with equipment and materials moving at ever increasing speeds, diagnostics becomes increasingly difficult to do, which results in wasted materials and higher labor costs. The human eye doesn’t stand much chance of being able seeing what part of a process is causing problems or is in need of refinements. Using a high speed camera during set up, maintenance or research design will lower downtime while improving efficiency, product quality and profitability in any process that involves quality control and production analysis.





Why use High Speed Video?


Standard video (30 frames/second) can only provide a few images of a rapidly occurring event. There are too few images and they are most always blurry, because the camera’s shutter speed can’t be precisely controlled to eliminate high speed blurring. Virtually all of the event gets missed with a standard camera or the unaided human eye. High speed camera systems can capture what standard camera systems miss, and can be selected and configured to record the information needed to be obtained.


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