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Machine shop efficiency | press brake laser

If you are in the business of cutting and bending metal, you rely on high efficiency in your shop so that you're hitting your production numbers and looking good in front of the boss. And if you've been at it a while you know all too well what mistakes on the press brake machine or metal shears can cost you, both in lost production time and in wasted materials.   

Through recent advancements in visible laser line technology, there is now an easy solution to this challenge. In past, red lasers were of no use in metal fabrication, as the line would not appear bright enough to be seen on production materials. With the development of high intensity green lasers, the line they produce can easily be seen on metal.

By using a green line industrial laser on your press brakes or metal shearing equipment, operators will now have a tool that virtually guarantees accurate bends and cuts every time.

Other metal fabrication shops that have introduced lasers in to their equipment now operate very differently than before:



If the laser's not on, the machine doesn't run.


That's how important fabrication shops are now seeing the benefits of using green lasers in production.

They're so important that if anything happens to that laser, it gets fixed before production starts up again!

To them, it's no longer worth the risk of production errors that have now been eliminated by the use of green line generating lasers.   


For more information on how green line lasers can help your facility run more efficiently, call us now toll free at 877-945-0550.