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Improve production efficiency

XL Productivity Appliance – XL is a “bolt-on” smart device that provides you with plant-wide real-time data visibility and a comprehensive set of performance management tools. It combines six products in one simple package including a visual display, production monitor, data warehouse, I/O processor, embedded server, and programming platform.

vorne display vorne xl

Vorne improves the bottom line of companies just like yours by delivering actionable, real-time information to your enterprise!

The XL Productivity Appliance is an amazingly simple and effective solution for improving plant floor productivity. It’s an off-the-shelf product that delivers real-time manufacturing visibility and performance management tools to your entire manufacturing team. And it's an indispensable tool for lean manufacturing and real-time Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

Just imagine, being able to see your true downtime. Most companies are shocked to discover their true downtime, and once production time is lost — it’s lost forever. See every detail, every stop, every second of production. React instantly or use results to make important future decisions. See your productivity increase and downtime diminish with crystal clear trend indicators and miniature graphs that convey an entire story in a glance.

The fact is, whatever your goal – increasing productivity, reducing down time, or enhancing communication – Vorne’s XL Productivity Appliance is an outstanding choice!

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